Dr. Estella Carpi lecture at the Lebanese American University: The Effect of Displacement on Religious Authorities from Syria

In March 2019 Dr. Estella Carpi, Research Associate of the Southern Responses to Displacement project, gave a lecture entitled ‘The Displacement of Religious Authorities from Syria and their Involvement in Aid Provision:  Looking Beyond Humanitarianism’ at the Lebanese American University.  There she presented preliminary findings of the Southern Responses to Displacement project and drew on her… Continue Reading →

Research Associate: Estella Carpi

Dr. Estella Carpi is the Research Associate on the Southern Responses to Displacement project. Estella received a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney (Australia), with a study on social responses to crisis and crisis management in Lebanon. After studying Arabic in Milan and Damascus (2002-2007), she received a MPhil degree in Linguistic… Continue Reading →

Syrian Faith Leaders in Displacement: Neglected Aid Providers?

When we ‘sweep away the professional, intimate, spiritual and even socio-economic past of refugees,’ what impact does this have on our understanding and (non)engagement with forcibly displaced people, including displaced religious leaders? In this post, Dr Estella Carpi, Southern Responses Research Associate, draws on her research with Syrian religious leaders in Lebanon who have worked… Continue Reading →

Project Contributors

Click on the names of our contributors below to see their articles, pieces and writings. If you are interested in writing a blog, please contact sorcha.daly@ucl.ac.uk.  Guidelines for submissions can be found here. Ann-Christin Wagner More information coming soon.  You can follow Ann-Christin Wagner on @ann_wagner_ed.  You can read Ann-Chritin’s blog post, here. Bushra Rehman  Bushra Rehman works as a… Continue Reading →

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