Research Associate: Estella Carpi

Dr. Estella Carpi is the Research Associate on the Southern Responses to Displacement project. Estella received a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney (Australia), with a study on social responses to crisis and crisis management in Lebanon. After studying Arabic in Milan and Damascus (2002-2007), she received a MPhil degree in Linguistic… Continue Reading →

Educating the host: It’s not just refugees who need ‘integration’ programmes

‘Teaching local hosts the experience of war and forced displacement would help to publicly challenge hate speech and inform compassion,’ argue Southern Responses to Displacement’s researchers, Dr Estella Carpi, Amal Shaiah Istanbouli and Sara Al Helali. Drawing on research conducted during Southern Responses to Displacement’s fieldwork in Turkey, this blog notes the lack of a… Continue Reading →

Slavery, Lived Realities and Decolonising Forced Migration Histories – A transcript of an interview with Asst. Prof. Portia Owusu

This piece, a transcript of Dr. Carpi and Asst. Prof. Owusu’s recent podcast, discusses how indigenous narratives and histories of slavery have been erased from the ‘grand narratives’ of traditional teaching of forced migration history and how, although erased, these histories and lived experiences of slavery are still evident in the inequalities and discrimination experienced… Continue Reading →

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