Project Investigators


Dr Estella Carpi was the (2017 – 2022) Research Associate in the ERC-funded ‘South-South Humanitarian Responses to Displacement from Syria’ project in the Migration Research Unit, Department of Geography, University College London.

She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology, with a research project on social responses to crisis and crisis management in Lebanon. She is mostly concerned with the social, political and moral economy of humanitarian assistance and welfare provision in the Arab Levant and Turkey

Estella investigated how responses to displacement developed and implemented by actors from ‘the global South’ are seldom taken into account in humanitarian policy-making despite the potential strategic importance of such responses and actors if mobilised by INGO’s, UN agencies and donor states in order to enhance or guarantee safe and quick access to local populations. More information on Estella’s work can be found on her biography page.

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