Local Research Team

The Southern Responses to Displacement project works closely with a team of bi-lingual and multi-lingual researchers based in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, including researchers who have themselves been affected by the Syrian conflict.

Researchers based in these countries are full members of the team throughout the data collection, analysis and dissemination stages of the Southern Responses to Displacement project.

Indeed, throughout the project we seek to centralise the perspectives, experiences and opinions of research participants and of researchers from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, in order to develop ethically sound and nuanced academic analysis.

Amal Shaiah Istanbouli

Amal is a researcher on the Southern Responses to Displacement project based in Turkey, and a holder of MA degree from the Institute of Muslims Civilizations, AKU, London. In her MA thesis, she focused on the role of work and the conceptualisation of home in displacement based on her ethnographic field work in Antakya. Prior to joining the project Amal worked in many research projects such as the Mediterranean Missing migrant project, and other unpublished projects too. Amal is interested in displacement, forced migrations, the meaning of loss and identity crisis related to the Syrian context and refugees in general. She has been displaced from Syria since 2012, and she is currently based in Hatay, Turkey where she works as a consultant and an Arabic-English interpreter too. You can read Amal’s blog post ‘Research terminology from the ‘Global North’ to the ‘Global South’ -conceptualisations, interpretations and challenges from Hatay, Turkey’ here, and her co-authored post ‘Educating the Host’ here.

Sara Alhelali Saab

Sara is a researcher in the Southern Responses to Displacement project based in Gaziantep. She pursued  a Master of Public Health at the French National School of Public Health EHESP where she developed an interest for doing qualitative research particularly on migration and displacement-related topics and specifically in the Syrian context, since has been displaced from Syria herself and has been working in the humanitarian field for the past nine years. You can read Sara’s blog, ‘The importance of place and language – Syrian, Turkish and Syrian-Turkish encounters in Gazientep’ here, and her co-authored post ‘Educating the Host’ here.

Featured Photo:  Everyday life in the alleyways of Baddawi Camp, N. Lebanon.  (c) E. Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

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