Our Approach

This project draws on ethnographic and participatory research with refugees from Syria and their diverse aid providers in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey to critically examine why, how and with what effect actors from the South have responded to the displacement of refugees from Syria. Through this detailed multi-sited case-study, and by centralising refugees’ own experiences and perspectives of these Southern-led initiatives, the Southern Responses to Displacement project will make a key contribution to knowledge in the fields of Development and Humanitarian Studies and humanitarian policy and practice alike.

Based on a critical theoretical framework inspired by post-colonial and feminist approaches, the research aims to contribute to theories of humanitarianism and debates regarding donor-recipient relations and refugees’ agency in displacement situations. The Southern Responses to Displacement project also aims to inform the development of policies and programmes to most appropriately address the needs and rights of conflict-affected people.

To read more about some of the different ‘models’ of responses to displacement that we are exploring in the project, including reflections on different approaches, motivations and implications of state and non-state responses, click on the following links:

Internationalism and Solidarity

Faith-based humanitarianism

Refugee-refugee humanitarianism 


Read  about our Project Background.

Read about our Project Aims.

A mural outside a school in Baddawi camp, N. Lebanon.  Photo credit: E. Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, 2017



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