Launch of Routledge Handbook of South-South Relations at UCL Institute of Advanced Studies

The Southern Responses to Displacement team are proud to celebrate the launch of the Routledge Handbook of South-South Relations at UCL’s Institute of Advanced Studies on the 20th of May.

The Handbook editors, Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (Southern Responses to Displacement PI) and Prof. Patricia Daley (Oxford) and a number of contributing authors will discuss the roles of decolonial and Southern theories in contemporary research, and discuss their research into different forms of South-South relations, including in the fields of education, development, peace and conflict, and displacement.

The launch will take place on the evening of the 20th of May, from 5pm until 7pm, at the Institute of Advanced Studies Common Ground. All are welcome. Click here for more information, and to register for this free event please visit the Eventbrite page.

About the Handbook of South-South Relations

The Routledge Handbook of South-South Relations critically explores diverse ways of defining ‘the South’ and of conceptualising and engaging with ‘South-South relations.’ Through 30 state-of-the-art reviews of key academic and policy debates, the handbook evaluates past, present and future opportunities and challenges of South-South cooperation, and lays out research agendas for the next 5-10 years. In so doing, the handbook reflects on decolonial, postcolonial and anticolonial theories and methodologies, exploring urgent questions regarding the nature and implications of conducting research in and about the global South, and of applying a ‘Southern lens’ to a wide range of encounters, processes and dynamics across the global South and global North alike.

For more information on the Handbook, visit the Handbook’s Table of Contents, access PDF versions of all 31 chapters here, or, to read extracts from the book, please visit the posts below:

Carpi, E. (2018) Thinking Power Relations across Humanitarian Geographies: Southism as a Mode of Analysis

Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E. & Daley, P.  (2018) Conceptualising the global South and South–South encounters

Ould Mohamedou, M. (2019) The Rise and Fall of Pan-Arabism

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