Slavery, Lived Realities and Decolonising Forced Migration Histories – An interview with Asst. Prof. Portia Owusu

In this podcast Dr. Estella Carpi interviews Asst. Prof. Portia Owusu, author of ‘Spectres from the Past. Slavery and the Politics of ‘History’ in West African and African-American Literature.’

You can listen to the podcast below:

In their interview, Dr. Carpi and Asst. Prof. Owusu discuss how indigenous narratives and histories of slavery have been erased from the ‘grand narratives’ of traditional teaching of forced migration history and how, although erased, these histories and lived experiences of slavery are still evident in the inequalities and discrimination experienced in Black communities today. The discussion goes on to examine how African American and West African writers engaged with ideologies of Pan-Africanism and Black Internationalism and how concepts of race and racism are experienced differently by Black Americans and Black Africans. Lastly, Dr Carpi and Assistant Prof. Owusu reflect on how the positionality of academics can influence the ability of the academy to truly decolonise the production of knowledge.

A transcript of the interview is available here.


If you find this podcast of interest, the Southern Responses to Displacement project has been exploring similar themes. Read about how the project aims to centralise the experiences and perspectives of refugees’ from Syria and how they conceptualise Southern-led humanitarian responses here and here. You can also access the recommended reading below:

Carpi, E. (2020) No one wants to be the “Global North”?  On being a researcher across the North and the South.

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