Migration and Society Journal (4th Edition) Published

We are delighted to announce that the 4th edition of the open access journal, Migration and Society, has been published. You can access this 4th edition here. Co-edited by Southern Responses to Displacement Principal Investigator, Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, this edition contains several articles pertinent to Southern Responses to Displacement’s research. These include:

Sacred Welcomes. How Religious Reasons, Structures, and Interactions Shape Refugee Advocacy and Settlement introduces a special section of the journal that examines how religion can influence societal responses, in particular forms of welcome, to refugees and how religion can offer support to displaced people. These are themes that we have also been exploring in the Southern Responses to Displacement project, while examining why, how and with what effect faith based humanitarian actors have responded to displacement from Syria, for example, here and here.

A Refugee Pastor in a Refugee Church. Refugee-Refugee Hosting in a Faith-Based Context by Karen Lauterbach discusses ‘the role of Congolese churches in Uganda that assist refugees but that are also themselves refugee churches.’ These forms of hosting and assistance, or ‘refugee-refugee hosting,’ represent ‘a form of Southern-led communitarian response to displacement that has only recently been acknowledged in the literature (Fiddian-Qasmiyeh 2019) and that the Southern Responses to Displacement continues to explore in it’s research.

To Accompany and to Observe: Engaged Scholarship and Social Change Vis-à-Vis Sub-Saharan Transmigration in Morocco. An Interview with Mehdi Alioua explores the specific characteristics of Sub-Saharan migration through North Africa and the relational and temporal aspects of that migration that, argues Mehdi Alioua, make terms such as ‘transit migration’ or ‘fragmented migration’ unsuitable for the experiences of people migrating through Sub-Saharan Africa. Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh has also explored the relational and temporal aspects of migration and displacement here and here.

You can access the free open access Migration and Society Journal here.

Featured image: Migration and Society Cover – photograph by Saiful Huq Omi

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